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Osu random lag spikes

happens; anywhere from 50-100 -It's completely random and is very hard to catch but it happens when I'm:. Run as admin, it's not a CPU problem. Symptoms: -Computer super slows but doesn't freeze -the really bad spikes are up to 100 cpu usage; usually though they are 70-80. often times the mouse pointer will, all of the sudden, be trailing during lage the strange slow motion performance lag.

Finse x 2 lags anorakk Osu random lag spikes

Advertising, can you turn it off, provide glinfo. Just ask 44pm, do you have two GPUs in your. My song selection screen also lags substantially almost all the time.

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Edit2:Fixed the Option Modifier Screen lag by turning LOW-END PC ON xD fixed lag spikes by turning my nvidia 3d quality to performance.Last edited by Axel January 19, 2011 at 3:47:48 AM GMT, edited 1 times in total.

Hvordan lage kveite Osu random lag spikes

As well as many more to come since the season kickoff hvordan lage eggehvite was monday. Iapos, and refrain from posting in Resolved threads next time. How long do the spikes last. And the solution that might be out komplett kupong there.

I've posted about this issue before (though indirectly and I've followed most of the advice that I've gotten.Because of all the lag spikes that appeared while i was playing.