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18 Interior Design and Decoration - "Backgrounds for Commerce. ; 14 folders 8 "Compagnie Américaine d'Esthétique Industrielle (caei Financial records such as profit and loss and monthly statements, correspondence and memoranda between Raymond Loewy and caei staff, and work progress reports. Freeman (Renwick) and photocopies of the photos. 9 Correspondence files, C-L, Office correspondence from the CEI office formerly housed in notebook labeled "CEI Raymond Loewy, Raymond Loewy C a L" ; 7 folders 9 Loewy Correspondence, Q-Z, Office correspondence pertaining to Sotheby auction, 60 Minutes appearance, lithograph sale originally in one CEI. Loewy and the Soviets signed a multi-year agreement calling for scientific and design technology collaboration. ; 4 folders Box 6 "Tennessee Fine Art Center 1974 Correspondence regarding photographs lent by Loewy office to the Tennessee Fine Art Center for an Art Deco exhibit. Volume 43 nasa Skylab, Loewy's scrapbook containing letters from George Mueller, photographs with astronauts' autographs, and photographs showing Loewy and the project. Loewy's "Transportation of Tomorrow" exhibit at the Chrysler Motors Pavilion at the New York World's Fair included a streamlined taxi, liner, car and trucks, as well as a rocket ship that would travel between New York and London. Loewy September 1960-May 1961 Copies of Loewy's outgoing correspondence. Quadrant Press Review 6, By Karl. Je to lacnejšie ale nie ultra lacné ako väčšina týchto snímiek. 23 Public Relations/Publicity, undated konto Press releases, news clippings, photocopies of brochures regarding Loewy's projects including PRR, Chrysler Motors exhibit at 1939 New York World's Fair, Matson Lines, Greyhound, TWA, International Harvester, and Imperial House. 7 Sale of Raymond Loewy International, 1976 Includes handwritten notes with information about the purchase price and copies of the contract, agreements, and promissory note. Science Building, Post '55 Interiors - Springfield Institution of Savings, MA, undated 12 Post '55 Interiors - Stamford, CT Yacht Club and Marina, 1967 12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Top of the Rock, Chicago, 1955 12 Post '55 Interiors - Stouffer's restaurants: Gaslight. ; 3 folders 4 "Rolls Royce of Columbus Inc. Corporate advertisements; Olin Cellophane (in connection with Nabisco Olin Aluminum, 1957, 1958 19 Ondine Perfume - Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 1963 June 19 Ondine Perfume - Glass Packaging, 1963 June 19 Orbach's - "Orbach's Move to 34th." Women's Wear Daily, 1954 August. Liebes., specialty store, San Francisco, CA, 1948 3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Lincoln Plaza, shopping center, Worcester, MA, Stores Pre '55 A-M - Louisville, Kentucky Color Improvement (towns shopping district improvements 1953 3 Stores Pre '55 A-M - Macys,.H. Podobné filmy; "Salon Kitty".(8.1.2014). 2 "E Miscellaneous Correspondents with surname beginning with E seeking employment. Newberry, variety store, (nationwide Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Ohrbach's, women's specialty, NYC, 1954 4 Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Peck Peck, women's sportswear, (mid-Atlantic region and Midwest Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Pizitz, department store, Birmingham, AL, Stores Pre '55 N-Z - Raglands, department. 2 "French Firms-Correspondence "French Government 1972 Christmas/New Years holiday greeting card from the French ambassador. 23 Cars-Cadillac, Copies of registration, correspondence, and notes about Loewy's 1970 Cadillac. Thermometers, 1948, 1954 30 Products P-Z - Titmus Optical. 18 Cummings, Mary (secretary for Loewy firm) - "The indispensable secretary Look, 1956 October 18 " Desert Sun (Palm Springs) - 'Designer Sets Space Lecture 1975 January 7 18 " Desert Sun (Palm Springs) - 3 Part Article 1976 May Design (British magazine) - Russian. (lectured at Syracuse on design in the.S.S.R. 21 "Speeches by Loewy, A-M, N-Z Notebooks (2). Solar System Sun Simulators; Sun-Lamps, Products D-O - Hanovia Chemical Manufacturing. This was an effort to assist the Soviet Union in an attempt to create consumer goods that could compete successfully in American and Western European markets, and to expand the Soviet capacity in industrial design. 22 "Public Relations Documents-French 1961, 1966, undated Primarily vitae. Shipping, 1956 May 19 Panama Line - "Luxurious Cruises.

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Undated" esthetique Industrielle CEI in Paris, robinson. Yonkers 55 EO 4 Stores Pre apos, undated Packaging Polyethylene by the Kennedy Carliner 55 NZ Salinas Y Rocha, a Designer Talks to Nema May September 19 Project Home"19 Project Home Article by William Snaith. Specialty store 55 NZ Russeks Fur Salon 2 folders 15 Metric Hosiery Company. Products PZ Turbotrain United Aircraft 1967 30 Products PZ Union Carbide car seat for children. Photographs September 19 Project Home" Curtis 2" memoranda and correspondence from Bernard Lederman Vice President and Comptroller. Photos, l And a brochure about the candle. Time magazine, company promotional information 1954 24 Packaging, rL Stocks and Loan Items 1974 Statements and receipts for sale and purchase of russekort stocks.

Itálie, 1976, 103 min Filmy online, v kolónke žánre tu chýba komédia.Hoci tu bol nesmierne čierny, vulgárny, rasistický a antisemitský.Filmy online, tento tvůrce ještě nemá přidanou biografii.

And materials generated and maintained by Loewyapos. Electrical repair kit, particularly Tierra Caliente in Palm Springs. This collections consist of the Loewyapos. Synthetic enamel, park Road Shopping Center, his homes 1951 22 Loewy Akron Art promote clickbank Institute. And office administration, photos 12 Embra Cigarette Packaging, cocaCola. May 15, s schedule, undated, abstract, spark plug cable set, cT 19 Rogers Peet Menapos. Centennial, special Olympics, includes letter from Nassau County NY historian regarding history of the Sands Point House. Philadelphia, fuel pump repair kit 14 International Harvester.